My passion for photography, which started in my childhood is always with me. When I was a kid, there were no digital cameras, and capturing and immortalizing the moment was very interesting to me back then. I first owned a compact 35mm, years later, I continued with the 35mm SLR system. even though it's hard to focus on speedy subjects, I really liked the single lens and manual focus. At the age of 21, I started studying photography and video at the faculty of fine arts. I learned how to do analog printing in the darkroom in my first year, then I got a medium format 6x7 and it was a some kind of new era for me.

Me, using 35mm Nikon F with adapted cinema lens.

I was very impressed with the prints I made in the darkroom. I took a photo of the same subject with a digital and analog camera. I printed what was taken with a digital camera on a digital photo printer. The photo I took using 35mm film I printed the photo in the dark room using an enlarger. When I brought digital printing and analog printing side by side, digital printing was two-dimensional and plastic. The analog print had a different depth and a very nice contrast structure. However, digital photography an indispensable and developing part of world. I decided to make artistic works by mixing analog and digital with knowledge.

Understanding the light and find correct exposures with using exposure meter is important for photography especially shooting analog.

My passion for photography has increased over the years, and with the development of digital photography, I have owned digital cameras. I mainly use my manual focus cinema lenses on both 35mm film and digital body. Every photo has its own story. I decide according to the subject which camera, digital or analog, which lens I will shoot with.

A selfportrait while holding my digital rangefinder camera.