Buğra Kaan Ersoy

First of all this website appeared as thought in my brain. I should have written what I know and what I like to tell by writing articles. However, I beleive the computer's language is English, I decided to publish the website by writing English instead of Turkish.

Computer is a way of life for me. Over the years, I have been using, reading, learning and developing myself since I used commodore 64, the first computer I used in my childhood. People around me always ask questions about computers. When I started to dominate the subjects about computers, programming etc. I realized that I was going to be successful.

I believed in the power of knowledge. In my own country, people around me always ask me if they have problems to solve with computers. I've always helped most people. I have established a web sites for people who have a business but cannot catch up with the digital age. I increased their customers and earnings with google adwors, instagram, facebook ads through websites and social profiles. I talked for hours and briefly gave their training about the Internet services.

All my purpose was to help. Because knowledge nice when you share it. I said if I could learn they could learn. But they tried to use me freely instead of learning. The ambition of mankind to make money is above ethical values.

I clearly understood better that I had to act with logic rather than acting with emotions. For these reasons, if you looking for a information you can ask me and I will help you. However my professional services (design, web programming, Internet marketing, traning, consultancy, etc.) are chargeable and it is only available in English. The most important thing for me is time. I would like to say I don't work with everyone in every project. I want to believe in your project and you need to convince me to work with you. After that we negotiate on the costs.