My Computer History

Greetings, I was born in 1987. The first thing I remember about computers was to watch my brother using commodore 64 keyboard based computer. I was 5-6 years old at the time. I didn't quite understand it, but I was trying to. First the blue screen was coming out. After my brother wrote a few magical things on the keyboard, the game was loading from the cassette. After waiting for a certain time He-Man game was opening. It was very cool for me because the He-Man was also famous in cartoons I watched.

I started primary school and I was learning the alphabet after that Commodore 64 was becoming a more understandable computer for me. We had game cassettes, joystick, a nice TV for the commodore 64. We had a computer that a child could want. After a certain time while we were playing on the Commodore 64, suddenly the coca cola was poured by mistake. It was a short-circuit and it didn't work again. Unfortunately we could not find someone to repair it.

A year late my father came home with a PC which had Floppy Disk. Unike commodore 64, it didn't turn on the blue screen, which was black. Commands of Commodore 64 did not work in this black screen. I learned from where my father bought the computer. The name of the black screen was MS-DOS also Windows 3.1 is installed on the hard disk. When I opened windows I was playing the game minefield and I was struggling because I didn't speak English at that age. One day we found a store selling floppy disks. We had a lot of games like Volfield, Genghis Khan II: Clan of the Gray Wolf, Simfarm, Simtower... I was playing them through dos. For me windows 3.1 it was boring, dos were more fun. Dos was like a magic gateway to the game game world.

One day my father bought the second computer because we were two brothers. New PC had a CD-ROM Drive and it had a larger monitor. When I set up the PC, I was expecting it to open via dos. First the Windows 95 screen came up, then the windows desktop appeared. ıt was more advanced than Windows 3.1 and it was now possible to perform operations using the mouse without the need for MS-Dos. This PC was running games like Sim City that were installed on a CD.

1998 in Turkey, PCs were connected to the internet with a 56k modem via telephone line. I bought Internet pack, and 56k modem to the computer. I upgraded to Windows 98. I was so excited. I connected to the Internet, I opened the Internet Explorer then I couldn't find anything to do. a few days later I discovered the mIrc Chat program on my research. In that time there were very few people mIrc channel of turkey because the internet and computers were very expensive in Turkey.

A month had passed. I discovered the search engines. I installed Netscape Navigator instead of Internet Explorer. I could download mp3 to my computer and listen to music. I could find a program or a game. an average mp3 song was downloading to my computer in 1.5 hours. The connection was very slow but I was happy. But my happiness did not last long. My computer's cd-rom was automatically opening and closing.