It all started when i was a kid. Before I started school, I used to draw on the walls of the house. When I started primary school, I used to draw pictures on the margins of my notebooks. At that time, it caught the attention of my friend, she said that sometimes you draw with your right and sometimes with your left hand. I thought everyone was like that until that moment. I realized later that I am not left-handed or right-handed, I am an ambidexter.

Me, while drawing with both hands. The picture on the left was drawn with the left hand, the picture on the right was drawn with the right hand.

I draw using my left or right hand separately, sometimes left and right hands at the same time. I don't draw by looking at object, model or photo. I dream and draw images that exist in my imagination. It affects me a lot when I draw a painting that came into existence from my dreams. Because I am painting something that does not exist in this world. I see my paintings as a reflection of my mind and imagination.

My self portrait with my unfinished paintings.