On the,  I have my digital artwork and photos I've taken. They are minted as NFTs.
On the Foundation, I mint both my photos and paintings as NFT. I mint the ones I like the most from my photographs. For my paintings, I mint the paintings I made using dyes.

I stand in places that no longer have a place in life. I dream of past lives in abandoned places. I imagine what life was there in the past, was it a family or a lonely person? I photograph by imagining the old version. This is how I find the right angle. I want to show the passing time, feel the lived lives. Placeless things in life.
On the Opensea, I usually mint my digital drawings, sketches and other photos as NFT. I usually have NFTs from my collections, which are in large numbers as Polygon Network.

I feel compelled to overcome the monotony of habituation while revealing a fact or emotion. My first abstract digital artworks were divided into 3 series. Momentos, emotions and feelings. I created them with digital pen and drawing tablet one by one. I drew using my left and right hand.